Book Endorsements

Tom Anglin has lived a life of miracles – with plenty of ups and
downs along the way – and here he shares his personal story
with total honesty, holding nothing back. And best of all, he does
it in a practical, life-giving way. As you read of his encounters
with the Spirit, your own faith will be enriched and your own
walk with God deepened. It’s time to dive in deeper!
— Dr. Michael L. Brown, president of FIRE School of Ministry, host of the Line of Fire radio broadcast.
Pastor Tom Anglin possesses a unique blend of fatherly wisdom
and childlike faith. His heart shows through his writing, and this
work is sure to bless you, just as it did me.
— Rev. Casey Doss, Lead Pastor of Hope Unlimited Church - Knoxville, TN
Tom Anglin’s book is much more than a quick read. It blends
the experiences of his own journey with God’s hand in the
midst of it all. It is inspiring, encouraging, and thought
provoking. I love the personal illustrations but, most of all, the
poignant call at the end of each chapter to “Refocus Rekindle Rejoice.”
I found myself looking back on my own life and how God’s hand has directed me.
I know you will benefit from these devotionals.
— Dr. Rick Ross, Superintendent North Carolina Assemblies Of God
Tom Anglin has put together a warm-hearted, personal, and
deeply encouraging devotional that will both challenge and
bless you. I love Tom’s honesty and clarity. You will find
yourself in much of what he has experienced, and these
writings will be a helpful guide in your life journey. I have
known Tom for many years, and I know that these devotionals
were written by a man after God’s own heart.
— Rev. Gary Wilkerson, President of World Challenge
I have found your encounters with God to be very interesting
and gripping. As a matter of fact, I could not stop reading!! I am
convinced this devotional book is going to be a great success as
well as a tremendous blessing to many people.
— Dr. John Bosman, President Spirit Wind International
This book is true to the promise of its title. These powerful
accounts are not merely the experiences of a man of faith and
his family. They are a clarion call of awakening to all who would
dare to believe, “With God all things are possible!”
— Rev. Stephen Smith, Author & President Times Of Refreshing Ministries
Pastor Tom Anglin has been my spiritual father in the faith, and
a great friend, for the past 25 years. Tom is a man full of The
Holy Ghost, wisdom, revelation, faith, passion, and of power in Christ. He has a burden to reach the lost, at any cost. This book will encourage you in your faith and will challenge you in your walk as you read about Tom’s spiritual journey and about God’s
faithfulness in the midst of that journey.
— Rev. James Turner, Urban Outreach - Phoenix AZ
This book from the heart of my friend, Tom Anglin, carries the footprint of Jesus all over it. I’m impressed with how Tom heard the voice of Jesus with clarity in everyday situations and how amazing His provision follows if we can listen well. An overwhelming awareness of His presence captured my heart reading this book. Tom Anglin carries the beat of His heart as I sensed it strongly in reading this book. Let the personal experiences in this book become a reality in your life.
He is with us in every-day life situations, and this book will draw you into a renewed walk with Him with demonstrations of His Spirit as evidence He is with you all the time. Rejoicing will be your companion.
— Rev. Andre Van Zyl, President Good News To The Nations
As a Christian publisher, many excellent manuscripts are submitted to us for consideration. We especially appreciate those works that endeavor to teach the body of Christ as well as meet special needs. Such is the case with Tom Anglin’s
“Refocus Rekindle Rejoice.” We see not only special
situations where this book will have an impact, as in support groups for the addicted, but it also teaches and provides encouragement to those who desire a stronger faith life and to those who are searching for a deeper, more obedient relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Therefore, we are pleased to assign Tom Anglin’s “Refocus Rekindle Rejoice” a 5 STAR rating.
— Rev. Nancy E. Williams, President The Laurus Company Inc.
I am happy to recommend Tom Anglin’s small but largely impacting book. His personal story is very compelling, as well as the remarkable answers to prayer in his family’s faith journey. I find the chapters to be inspiring and instructive. I personally have been blessed reading it.