Refocus Rekindle Rejoice Book

Refocus Rekindle Rejoice Book

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REFOCUS REKINDLE REJOICE serves as an encouraging reminder that if you trust Him, He will most certainly lead you to green pastures, still waters, and the restoration of your soul! There is so much to draw our attention away from the One who is worthy of our undivided attention! We must focus and refocus on Jesus. We must kindle and rekindle fervent prayer! The outcome is always a great reason for rejoicing!

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"Tom Anglin has lived a life of miracles, with plenty of ups and downs along the way. Here he shares his personal story with total honesty, holding nothing back. And best of all, he does it in a practical, life-giving way. As you read of his encounters with the Spirit, your own faith will be enriched, and your own walk with God deepened. It's time to dive in deeper!"

-- Dr. Michael L. Brown, President of FIRE School of Ministry and Host of the Line of Fire radio broadcast